It's a sad fact that every year in the United States alone, we generate over 250 million tons of trash! Even worse, less than 25% of that gets recycled leaving the rest to go into our landfills. It may sound overwhelming, but if each and every one of us did our part, we can make a big difference. In my over 20 years of being in the junk removal businees, I am happy to say that we've recycled countless tons of materials that would have otherwise ended up in the landfills.

How do we do it?

Let's say we come to your house to do a garage cleanout. In your garage theres an old rusted BBQ grill, broken fridge, bike, flattened cardboard boxes, dated couch, bags of trash, boxes of old clothing, broken TV and some wooden pallets that you want removed. First, we determine if any of this stuff can be donated to our local charity partners? Second, if it's not usable to donate, can it be recycled? In this scenario, the boxes of clothes, bike and the dated but clean couch would be donated to one of our local charity partners (and yes, we'll send you the tax deductible receipt!). Next we would take the rusted BBQ and broken fridge to the metal scrap yard to be recycled. The TV would go to e waste recycle and the flattened cardboard boxes to their own recycling facility as well. That just leaves only the bags of trash that would end up in the lanfill.

It sounds like a lot of work, and yes it is, but we all have a duty to do our own part no matter how big or small to preserve God's great Earth for future generations. There's a reason why we have the green recycling circle in our company logo. It reminds us daily of our company's commitment to conservation and giving you the customer piece of mind in knowing that we are handling your junk removal in the most eco-friendly matter as possible.

You have our word on it,